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Scuba Diving Masks

All dive masks come with a plastic storage case (excluding kid's turtle mask).

We have a great selection of scuba diving masks and snorkel masks. All of these scuba masks and are made of quality materials to give you the best overall diving mask. Our masks have a high-quality, soft silicone skirt and tempered glass lens. Our scuba masks and snorkel masks are comfortable and watertight.  If you need a prescription dive mask, then you've come to the right place. We offer a prescription dive mask for both near-sighted and far-sighted divers. These diving masks come in a variety of colors as well as an adjustable strap so one size fits all. 

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Barracuda Basic SetBarracuda Basic SetHigh quality mask and basic silicone snorkel in a mesh bag. Average fitting mask.
Barracuda Elite SetBarracuda Elite SetHigh quality mask and dry snorkel in a mesh bag. Average fitting mask.
Barracuda MaskBarracuda MaskFits most faces really well making this our hottest selling mask.
Barracuda Semi-Dry SetBarracuda Semi-Dry SetHigh quality mask and semi-dry snorkel in a mesh bag. Average fitting mask.
GoMask for GoPro - OriginalGoMask for GoPro - OriginalGoPro camera mount built in to mask.
GoMask for GoPro - UnframedGoMask for GoPro - UnframedGoPro camera mount built in to mask.
Hammerhead MaskHammerhead MaskSits futher off the face, perfect for larger facial features and facial hair.
Kid's Turtle MaskKid's Turtle MaskHigh quality silicone snorkeling mask for children or small adult faces.
Mako MaskMako MaskFrameless design dive mask with large one window design.
Manta Mask & Snorkel SetManta Mask & Snorkel SetHigh quality mask and semi-dry snorkel in a mesh bag. Small to Medium Fit.
Moray Mask (Optional Prescription Lenses)Moray Mask (Optional Prescription Lenses)Medium fitting mask with optional prescription lenses.
Otter Swim MaskOtter Swim MaskGreat swimming mask gives greater peripheral.
Remora Mask & Snorkel SetRemora Mask & Snorkel SetHigh quality mask and semi-dry snorkel in a mesh bag. Medium to Larger Fit.
Sculpin Frameless MaskSculpin Frameless MaskFrameless design creating a very light and compact mask.
Tusa Ceos Mask (Optional Prescription Lenses)Tusa Ceos Mask (Optional Prescription Lenses)Light weight, low profile, and frameless stye mask. Optional optical and bifocal lenses.
Tusa Freedom HDTusa Freedom HDLarge front with tear-drop shape provides ultimate vision while scuba diving or snorkeling.
Tusa Kleio IITusa Kleio IIDiving or snorkeling mask that is perfect for smaller female or youth face.
Viper MaskViper MaskThe "big screen TV" scuba diving mask!
White Sculpin SetWhite Sculpin SetHigh quality frameless mask and snorkel in a mesh bag. Average fitting mask.
Some items just go together perfectly so we've created packages that include matching mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. Perfect for scuba diving or snorkeling.
Mask, Snorkel, Fin Packages

Mask, Snorkel, Fin Packages

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Deluxe Adventure Snorkeling PackageDeluxe Adventure Snorkeling PackageThe ultimate adventure snorkeling package for your next tropical vacation.
Explorer Snorkeling PackageExplorer Snorkeling PackageHigh quality mask, semi-dry snorkel, snorkel fins, and mesh bag.
Moray Snorkeling Package (with Optical Lenses)Moray Snorkeling Package (with Optical Lenses)Medium fitting mask with optional prescription lenses, package includes snorkel, fins, bag.
Scuba Diving PackageScuba Diving PackageA high quality snorkeling kit perfect for anyone just getting into scuba diving.
Scuba Diving Snorkel Package Optical MaskScuba Diving Snorkel Package Optical MaskHigh quality snorkel kit with optical prescription mask for scuba diving.
Tusa Ceos Package - Mask, Snorkel, FinsTusa Ceos Package - Mask, Snorkel, FinsHigh quality mask, snorkel, fins and boots.Optional optical lenses available.
Tusa Freedom Package - Mask, Snorkel, FinsTusa Freedom Package - Mask, Snorkel, FinsHigh quality mask, snorkel, fins and boots.
Mask Accesories

Mask Accesories

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Comfy Neoprene Strap CoverComfy Neoprene Strap CoverNeoprene cover for existing mask strap.
Mask CaseMask CasePlastic Mask Case fits any diving or snorkeling mask.
Mask Keeper StrapMask Keeper StrapClip your mask to your gear giving you hands-free entry into the water.
Mask Purge ValveMask Purge ValveFits into any dive mask to allow for purging water from mask.
Mask SealMask SealHelps form a seal between a mask & facial hair including moustaches.
Mask StrapMask StrapReplacement mask strap is made from high quality silicone.
Save A Dive KitSave A Dive KitReplacement parts for your scuba diving or snorkeling gear in small waterproof container.
Scuba Spec - Prescription Lens InsertScuba Spec - Prescription Lens InsertLens insert for your mask with your exact eye prescription.
Sea Drops Mask DefogSea Drops Mask DefogLiquid drops will prevent mask from fogging up.
Sea Gold Mask DefogSea Gold Mask DefogGel will prevent mask from fogging up.
SeeDive Push On Bifocal LensesSeeDive Push On Bifocal LensesAdd a bifocal lens to your mask for scuba diving or snorkeling.
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